We design and research games for learning, compassion, and inclusion.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in designing and researching games for all areas of learning, including STEM, SEL, social studies, ethics, empathy, inclusion, and compassion.


What We Do

We design analog and digital games and other playful experiences.

We research games, and assess for learning and engagement.

We lead workshops, make presentations and run game jams.

Our Values

We love designing and evaluating games. We also love writing about and teaching game design. We are:

  • Creative
  • Dependable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Ethical
  • Inclusive
  • Caring
  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Award-winning researchers, writers, and designers

Games, Publications, and More

Our Latest Works

Ethics and civics have always mattered, but perhaps they matter now more than ever before. Recently, with the rise of online teaching and movements like #PlayApartTogether, games have become increasingly acknowledged as platforms for civic deliberation and value sharing. We the Gamers explores these possibilities by examining how we connect, communicate, analyze, and discover when we play games. Combining research-based perspectives and current examples, this volume shows how games can be used in ethics, civics, and social studies education to inspire learning, critical thinking, and civic change. Featuring helpful tips and case studies, We the Gamers shows teachers the strengths and limitations of games in helping students connect with civics and ethics, and imagines how we might repair and remake our world through gaming, together. See more about the book.