We design games, apps, and other interactive experiences. We can help you to:

  • Determine your needs and goals
  • Identify and understand your audience
  • Develop concepts, scripts, and design documentation
  • Create use cases and user personas
  • Conduct playtests
  • Devise design principles
  • Write whitepapers that help to guide your design direction

Selected games we have worked on or advised:

Not Yet Released Game // Design Advisory for Social and Emotional Learning Game

Quest: Journey through the Lifespan by McGraw-Hill // Advisory Board for Psychology Game

Quandary // Advisory Board for Game that Teaches Ethical Thinking and Perspective-Taking

Awesome Upstander! // Producer for Game About Standing Up to Bullying

Mission US // Consultant on For Crown or Colony? and Advisory Board for the Game Series

VR Game Title Not Yet Released // Designer/Researcher/Writer for Game that Enhances Empathy and Compassion

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